Meet the Family

The Buzzed Cup is a family business years in the making.  We owned a franchise for 8 years and operated as a family business. Then enter Rack Attack (Breast Cancer) during which my daughters operated the franchise.  Post Rack Attack, we closed the franchise and opened The Buzzed Cup. The Buzzed Cup was designed for attending festivals and events with Coffee, Gourmet Cupcakes and classic / classy food choices.  Covid-19 interrupted & forever changed life.  As we all continue to adapt to the new normal, we will be operating in Huntsville and looking for fun at the festivals. We look forward to helping you!


Let’s meet the fam!

Fearless Leader: Mom Ebeth. 2018 Rack Attack Survivor (Breast Cancer).

Buzzed Driver: Sweetheart Hubby Eddie.  Buzzed Bus Remodeler & Repair Guy.  Men are never sexier than when they are capably fixing or making things!

The Quirky Baker and Product Photographer:  Daughter Cat designs fabulous Gourmet and Gourmet Alcohol-Infused Cupcakes and Sweets. Then she whips out her camera and photographs it to make you wish you had it in your hands RIGHT NOW!

Additionally, The Quirky Baker is beginning to design curated cupcakes, truffles and chocolates for private businesses.  Let us help feature your wine or craft beer in a desert sensation made solely for your business. 

Buzzed Chairman of the Board: Daughter Teresa (the tough one).  She keeps us on Best Practices and SOP.  Teresa especially keeps Ebeth on track. LOL