The Buzzed Cup

We will be closed to celebrate time with family.  

Wednesday 11/25 11A-2PM

Thursday to Saturday Closed

Re-Opening Monday 11/30

NOW OPEN!  We are in town during the week at

The Food Trucks of Market Creek at Avenue M and 15th Street. 

On weekends, we will be chasing events as the world re-opens.  

Want to schedule us for your event?  Drop us a line. 

We will create a menu suitable for your event,

whether it be a Wedding, Party, Motorcycle Rally,

Wine & Art Festival or whatever makes you happy. 

Bubble Tea, Coffee, Sweets and Savories; we have it!

We want to be there in either our 31' Bustaurant,

the quaint outdoor Vendor Stand,

or in our upcoming mid-size vehicle. 

Happy celebrating!

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